Los Angeles crime scene cleanup focuses on homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup tasks.


My prices have a low and high range, which means my high prices is not to be exceeded. This is one part of my guarantee.

Between prices - my low and high price
Responsible Party - person paying, opens home or building

I ask questions related to the below concerns.

  • Floor: wood or concrete subfloor;, carpet, linoleum, ceramic tile, natural stone; first floor, second floor
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Furnishings
  • Bed, mattress size
  • Bedding
  • Parking - Parking Lot

Payment: Homeowners Insurance - Cash - Check

I accept homeowners insurance, cash, and checks. Depending upon circumstances, I will accept homeowners insurance once I have verified that the homeowners insurance claim number and insurance adjuster agrees to the crime scene cleanup services. I accept cash and sometimes I ask for cash in full part way through the crime scene cleanup process. I asked for cash at this point because it avoids misunderstandings. I accept checks issued by local banks.

Before work begins I have a signed agreement as you do for the crime scene cleanup work to proceed. You have this contract in hand before you ever see me because I asked to exchange emails. Because you write down in a very brief manner the work to be done, and you email me this information, I can apply my own terms and conditions to your writing and respond from America Online (AOL). California Small Claims Court's except the America Online timestamp in lieu of a signed signature. In any case, I've never been to Small Claims Court for any my Los Angeles County crime scene cleanup work. There's no reason for people to take me to court because I guarantee my work.



I guarantee my price and I guarantee my work. My prices guaranteed as mentioned above. My work is guaranteed because I promised to return upon request. It's that simple. I try to be federal so that I do not have to return.


I offer crime scene cleanup services that include blood cleanup involving most fixtures and structures in steakhouses, manufactured homes, apartments, condominiums, and other types of structures. This service includes blood removal and other potentially infectious materials removal from site. It involves scrubbing and rinsing and disinfecting once blood soiled areas.

I remove blood soiled mattresses, bed mattress boxes, bed frames, soiled bed clothing and soiled bed blankets. To do this I must "reduce, blood from these materials before removing from the premises. Likewise I follow the same pattern of cleaning when removing blood soiled materials from furnishings like couches, chairs, love seats, and other pieces of furniture.

My Cypress office serves as my headquarters.

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