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Decomposition odors are not dangerous. Do not believe crime scene cleanup companies that claim otherwise.

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Full service decomposition cleanup

Full service decomposition cleanup means that a minimum or maximum decomposition cleanup may take place. A minimum decomposition cleanup often satisfies most home owners, renters, and business people. The minimum cleanup includes biohazard removal, thorough cleaning, sealing, and odor reduction in most cases.

Eliminating the death odor in total may not occur until the premises have all cellular materials removed or coated with a sealer and paint. Those cellular materials include natural and manufactured cellular materials. This is to say that decomposition cleanup does not remove all of death's offending odors.

At times crime scene cleanup or other types of biohazard cleanup require some demolition work. In these cases pieces of wood floor or entire floors must come out. Parts of wall or an entire wall may need to come out. In such cases a full service decomposition cleanup entails the removal and replacement of such materials.

Licensed crime scene cleaners do their work and licensed contractors then do their work. With the right crime scene cleanup training, this full service cleaning and restoration helps save insurance companies time.


Biohazard Removal

Biohazard removal means that any objects soiled by blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) receive special treatment. Either complete removal of the blood and Opin occures, or the object must go. In either case a special pre-movement treatment must take place. In this way we ensure that a once biohazardous object has undergone decontamination remediation. Any biohazard cleanup work must reduce risks to the public by pre-treating objects and substances for removal.

Decontamination remediation may means a simple act like adding bleach to a triple bagged carpet cutting once soaked with blood.
As a result the offending blood becomes soaked in a destruction bleach solution. If not all bloodborne pathogens, germs, die off, their source of nutrients has undergone a dramatic change. In this way we either stop or impede the growth of more offending microorganisms. It seems unlikely that bloodborne pathogen will coexist with such caustic solutions.

Thorough cleaning following biohazard removal must occur. Soiled matter receives thorough cleaning and then a strong disinfectant coating or submersion (dwell time.) In this way germs receive a strong and hostile environment for their continued growth and existence. Following a good rinse, a sealer applied on top of these once soiled areas removes all doubt of continued biohazard conditions.


Thorough Cleaning

How do you know if you thoroughly cleaned?

You don't. So you do your best and you use what time you believe the task requires; you use appropriate cleaning technologies to help ensure that decomposition cleanup removed putrified matter while disinfecting thoroughly.

Thorough cleaning means scrubbing, rinsing, and repeating these steps repeatedly. With the addition of sanitizing chemicals like bleach, we know that thorough cleaning takes place. But what about blood soiled bedding, clothing, furniture, carpeting, and other materials and furnishings?

Some materials must not survive a decomposition cleanup intact. Others may return to their pre-incident condition for further use. Some must undergo restoration, which includes thorough cleaning. Possibly sanding must take place to ensure odor removal and blood removal.



Sealing once soiled materials following thorough cleaning and sanitizing ensures their further use. Without sealing damage to walls and floors may show. Without sealing we leave odor control open to question. Especially on new concrete, odor control requires grinding deep into the floor and then sealing heavily.

Sealing once soiled walls helps to ensure odor reduction, reduces offending sights, and helps with painting. By sealing we tell our clients that we've provided a full service.

Using common paint primers like Kilz and Zinnsseer often follows the cleaning process. Bother of these products come with oil based solution. Both help to block stains and odors. Zinnsser B-I-N seems to have the strongest affect on walls and floors. Anything less than suggested sealing is not full service decomposition cleanup.



Ozone gas generated by an ozone machine will usually reduce if not remove perceptible levels of death's odors following decomposition cleanup. decomposition gases. Ozone machine capable of removing these gases in a timely manner usually cost a lot of money. These machine usually self-destruct. Their caustic oxygen molecules reenter the machine and help to cause the ozone machine's degeneration. So they do cost a lot of money to run following decomposition cleanup.


Fogging usually occures at the start of decomposition cleanup. Fogging may come into use to mask death's odor. Fog may come into use to decontaminate the general death scene. At times fog comes into use as a drawer or closet decomposition cleanup. Fogging offers many advantages to cleaning and decontamination. When used as an odor mask, it may cause some problems with total removal of death's odors. Fogging becomes a judgment matter for crime scene cleaners in Los Angeles.


Decomposition Explained

Nature recycles. Decomposition plays an important part in this recycling process. Every organic object recycles into tis constituent elements by decomposing. We would not have life without decomposition.

We know that when we first dies our brain cells die off first. Others cells follow. Some cells die off faster than others. In fact, the death process may take days in biological terms.


Environment adds to the decomposition process.

  • Temperature becomes the first influence over the rate of decomposition in Los Angeles. Temperature: In Los Angeles this process takes place more rapidly in summer months than in winter months, but not always. Even January in Los Angeles becomes quite warm, in the 80s for days.
  • Immediate surroundings play an important part in the rate of decomposition. Even in summer months, air conditioning will slow the rate of decomposition. At one time in the City of Industry an ice cream plant worker died while working in a large freezer. Since he passed on a Friday evening shift and was not found until Monday morning, his remains showed little sign of decomposition. In another instance showing the influence of surroundings on human decomposition, a Torrance brick company worker died unnoticed on a Friday evening shift. This time the worker died out door under the shade of an awning. Found Tuesday morning on July 5, his body had over 80 hours to decompose in the Los Angeles summer heat. He had skipped though the five known decomposition stages.

We see that the immediate area of death within an environment has a powerful influence over death's decomposition process.


An environment's humidity may cause decomposition to slow or increase. Comparing a Los Angeles decomposition cleanup in July with the decomposition process in a state like Florida tells us much. We can see how the immediate surrounding and humidity cause rapid decomposition in dry heat. In such cases we find Los Angeles decompositions occurring rapidly. The surrounding dry heat helps to remove moisture from the decaying bodies. To the other extreme in Florida, bodies release their fluids at a slower rate as a result of moisture in the air. Beware, though, heat plays a part in decomposition cleanup's removal of odors. Head adds to decomposition odors' permiation of cellular materials.

Los Angeles weather

Southern California has been known as "am I tropical" in this phrase applies to Los Angeles County especially. Los Angeles County was one of those areas that Easter and in Midwest gringos moved to in search of a better environment. A folklore arose giving Los Angeles County "in Mediterranean land like presence without the hazards of marshes and malaria." It was considered the land of sunshine, the Poppy land, the better Italy, are Italy, and the land with a equitable distribution of signed and temperate climate.

From Los Angeles beaches bordering the Pacific in Long Beach to Malibu in the Pacific, the mountains look their very best toward the hour of sunset and after the setting of the sun. Can you imagine people in the East desiring a trip to Los Angeles from their frostbitten environment. Tens of thousands of people headed to Los Angeles. Many were crippled by rheumatism, overwork, and unknowing diseases.

Decomposition cleanup at a place in those days. But it wasn't called decomposition cleanup in Los Angeles. It was simply death cleanup and just about anybody can do it. In those days Los Angeles County corners employees were not so quick to find people for decomposition cleanup.

There were so many invalids in Los Angeles at their numbers soon began to embarrass residents of the county. According to one author, Carey McWilliams, "the 1880 the whole foothill district around Sierra Madre and San Gabriel was one "one vast sanitarium."

The cost of caring for these people became a hardship for the city of Los Angeles.


Death's Odor

In all cases cellular decay occures as cells die off. At times predatory cells kill and consume dying cells. At other times thriving cellular colonies thrive on their dying host's dead cells. Al the while horrific odors from methane gas, sulfur gases, and uric acid add to death's odors.

As microorganisms' off gasing occurs their gas may find a way to one's nasal cavity; there contact may occur with nerve endings.

We find that death's odor has multiple fragrances. Each adds to the overall permeation of these pungent and sweet odor's permeation of the surrounding, enclosed environment. As a result the longer that a decedent remains "down" the more powerful these fragrances become. Of course, it depends on the factors mentioned above for the strength and persistence of this odor's persistence.

Los Angeles decomposition cleanup odor reduction has a lot to do with temperature.

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Los Angeles Decomposition Cleanup



Left to natural processes, decomposition follows five stages. We call these stages fresh, bloat, active decay, port or advanced decay, and dry or skeletal remains. Each stage has a biohazard cleanup concern. Decomposition cleanup is also known as biohazard cleanup.

As these stages occur the first three lead to rapid and dramatic changes in the body. Cellular decay, fluid release, and insect life may appear. Then a reduced mass in the body follows because of the fluid loss. The remaining two stage take much longer.

Fluid loss during the first three stages may mean extensive cleaning and restoration. New York City decomposition cleanup has older hotel buildings and tenements to deal with. During crime scene cleanup many these buildings become thoroughfares for fluid migration. As a result crime scene cleaners must "chase" fluids down walls, heating ducts, beams, elevator shafts, and more. This type of cleanup shows the complexity of decomposition cleanup.

In Los Angeles most older buildings have fewer problems. Still, they may add to the "chase" factor because of blood and OPIM's migration. A Los Angeles decomposition cleanup in an older building takes place in a warm warm, more often than not. Charity housing has no air condition in most cases. Decomposition cleanup for these buildings rarely creates an opportunity to make decent money, but the work must be done and decomposition cleanup by poor amateures should not happen if at all possible.





Some people wondered about what happens to a body once it's in water. I've been told that decomposition takes place at about four times faster than when buried in earth. If water is warm or polluted than beautification occurs much faster. The bodies decomposition may speed up when damaged. Such damage can occur if a body is drug along the bottom of a river or by ocean currents. Cuts from the Boulder should crops will cause great wounds speeding the decomposition process. Somebody's been found in coastal waters with spear gun wounds that have led to quite rapid decomposition.

Then there are those bodies that float near land or even a few minutes allowing maggots to inner body cavities. We have aquatic insects it lead to further decomposition. Now the second set of insects find the body by accident because voters will not attract them underwater. This is just another way of saying there's no mechanism in no way for water insects to find the body but by chance.

In cold water a hard cast of sand will form in the mouth and throat if the body washes ashore on a sandy beach. Like with any person in the shower or bathtub too long, soles of the feet and palms of the hand become wrinkled. Pathologist call this condition "washerwoman skin."

Anybody" water of 70 degrees or less will form adipocere causing a waxy substance. This substance stops bacteria from attacking.

As we might expect then, cold water reserves, while warm water causes faster putrification, decomposition. Blood stains the skin more quickly when a body remains in in warm water. Los Angeles water on the coast is fairly cool compared to the southern states of our United States.

Odors may be partially masked by placing tincture of benzoin on your mask. It's available on Amazon.com.

Unprotected bodies become nurseries for flies to carry on the reproductive tasks. Laying many thousands or millions we find that the maggots crawling and to the decedent or ride their male. Insect evidence gives forensic entomologist an idea how long a person has been dead based upon the number of insight generations.

Maggots and other insects as well as animals are attracted by the "universal death sentence." What causes this sent is not directly New Orleans, but we can assume pretty well that methane and Europe gases are part of the order manufacturing process during decomposition.

During decomposition cleanup in raw areas I have found evidence that rodents have taken part in destroying corpses. Other animals known as carnivores, which include dogs, coyotes, woods, and Fox's are known to eat the body soft tissues, and even the bodies face and hands. They enjoy this Monday part of the leg bones. The pelvis in the backbone also become favorites for the carnivores.

Decomposition seems I've cleaned up after have shown evidence of mice and rats have said on soft tissues of the face, hands, and feet and even on abdominal organs. Evidence was found in their nest.

In no decomposition cleanup have I found the bodies remains that were just dust. For mail Los Angeles decomposition cleanup usually involves quite a bit of body fluid. Although wet blood and moist blood may have dried up, sometimes dry flaky blood remains. This biohazardous material must be handled carefully. Then there's the body oils which constitute infectious material, or what we also call other potentially infectious material.

In this line of thinking we know that an unembalmed body buried at six feet may take as long as 10 to 12 years to decompose to the bones. Why such a long period of time? One reason is because is quite cool at six feet underground. Another reason is that the oxygen is much lower at six feet that six inches underground. Requires oxygen for decomposition to occur. Burial depth in soil temperature are two important variables when decomposition rates are to be known.

Any body left in the open air will decompose a times faster than a body that is been buried at six feet.

Los Angeles decomposition cleanup shows one thing about its dry weather, and that is the dry weather tends to mama fly some remains. Dry weather also cuts the amount of lion maggot activity. In mummification occurs naturally allowing for skin and attendance to reach a leather early or parchment like wrapping around the bones. Oregon's decompose by putrefied occasion. Heavy rainfall will also slow maggot infestation.

Just as in water, the human body decomposition process slows when buried in moist ground. Adipocere may last for many years because it inhibits the action of putreficative bacteria.Los Angeles decomposition cleanup rarely takes place in water. We might ask, "why would one bother with decomposition cleanup and water?".

In a fair and just Los Angeles County government I would have cleaned up hundreds if not over thousand decompositions. But since the corners employees have a monopoly over Los Angeles decomposition cleanup, I have not really had that many opportunities for making a practice out of Los Angeles decomposition cleanup task.

This is not to complain because the situation is even worse in my own County, orange County, California. In orange County decomposition cleanup is done by companies selected by the corners employees and even public Guardian employees.

When it comes to decomposition cleanup for ethnic groups, I can only say that most of my decomposition cleanup has been for white women. Rarely do I find opportunities for a Los Angeles decomposition position cleanup when it involves minority groups. One reason for this is that minorities often live together and I unattended deaths less often in their gringo counterparts.

We might wonder about the Los Angeles Chinese and their contributions to the Los Angeles area as the first generation of Chinese immigrants help turn Los Angeles into a better place to live for all. Their labor and skill so turn this vast area into a modern metropolis.

In terms of decomposition cleanup and death, we would never know that the Chinese seven very important role in Los Angeles. In fact we would be hard-pressed to find any Chinese place names in the Los Angeles area, except for Chinatown in Los Angeles. You would never know large numbers of Chinese ever lived here before the second-generation moved in.

Los Angeles Decomposition Cleanup in Mass - - What happened?

Back in 1937, in July I believe, over 850 graves in a Chinese cemetery in Los Angeles were opened. The remains including bones in small treasures were packed in small containers. These containers were then shipped from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. The idea was to read Los Angeles of the early Chinese influence. In essence this became the largest Los Angeles decomposition cleanup in recorded history; it was also one of Los Angeles' more shameful moments.

There was some talk of the Chinese having "opium dens" and this is the excuse used by the whiskey drinking gringos.





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