Here's part of an email addressed to a blood cleanup customer.

The bleach might persist for a white, but you need to let me know if the odors begin to reside. It should not continue for any length of time once the rooms dry out. The carpet was the major offending issue while the bed fabrics will also offend. It's going to take me a long time to deal with the carpet because it's so much.

Oders will involve the bleach and any residue blood. I didn't pick up a blood odor when I was there, which is unusual for that amount of blood. Maybe it just needed more time to "cure."

All blood must be removed, all blood on fabrics and such. I spent quite a bit of time removing blood from the dresser and bed frame. I cut out pieces soiled by blood.

Maybe there's some blood residue on the concrete floor, which should clean up with bleach and water. .

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